• Diplom/M.A. equivalent in Technical Translation (1993)
  • Professional English>German Translator, Linguist, and Localization Consultant dedicated to carefully researched and idiomatic translations
  • Specialization: Industry & Technology, Telecommunications, Automotive, Electronics, Medical Equipment, General Media, and Cosmetics as well as Equine Industry
  • Experience as German Language Lead overseeing the localization of 2.5 million words in subtitles and voice-overs of documentaries, movies, and miscellaneous videos for yoga, self-help, personal transformation, and metaphysics
  • Translation of personal documents for the German and Austrian Honorary Consulates in Denver
  • ATA-Certified for Translations from English>German
  • ATA Certification Exam Grader (English>German) since 2002
  • ATA Certification Committee Chair 2006-2010
  • ATA Certification – German Language Chair – current
  • ATA Ethics Committee Member – current
  • ATA Nominating Committee Member – 2004
  • Assistant Administrator of the ATA German Language Division 2002-2006
  • Regular Speaker at ATA Conferences

“Jutta is an excellent translator, esp. medical, who not only displays great expertise in the medical field, but also the conscientiousness required to deliver a perfect product. Time after time, she makes sure that the intent of the text at hand is fully understood and reflected in her translation. She is also a joy to work with whose sense of humor and team spirit have endeared her to all the project managers.“

Angèle Surault  Freelance French Translator and Translation Management Expert for the Market Research industry